Coffee Menu

Coffee Menu
Country  Coffee name  Tasting notes 
Brasil  Santa Lucia   Cocoa and hazelnuts with low acidity with a full body 
Sitio Mae Rainha  Cane sugar with low to medium acidity and caramel body 
Bolivia Coraca Syrupy dates and pecans with low acidity and medium body 
Colombia  Huila La Esperanza  Yellow plums and cherries with medium acidity and  body 
Costa Rica La Plata  Caramelised citrus with medium to bright acidity and medium to full body 
Cabecares  Butterscotch and citrus with medium acidity and  body
El Salvador  Malacara A  Caramel and yellow cherry with medium to bright acidity and medium body 
Ethiopia  Burka Silinga  Black tea and citrus with medium to bright acidity and medium body
Guatemala  Capetillo  Cocoa and almonds with low to medium acidity and medium to full body
La Bella  Dark chocolate and orange with subtle acidity and medium to full body 
Arcoiris  Cocoa and plums with medium acidity and body 
Indonesia  Raja Batak Fresh tobacco and spice with medium acidity and body 
Kenya  Ther’i Red and blackcurrants with medium to bright acidity and muscly body
Colombia Decaffinated Granja La Esperanza  Toffee shortbread with low acidity and medium body 
Organic Espresso Full and sweet with fruity length and cocoa aftertaste
Monmouth Espresso  Toasted almonds with smooth body and balanced fruity acidity

Tea Menu

Tea Menu


English Breakfast

A perfect breakfast tea that really will brighten your morning. Typically full bodied with ‘get up and go’ flavour that is especially enticing with a dash of milk….. ermm and…bacon and eggs, cereal, bagels or whatever else you might choose to start your day!

Luxury Black TeaSri LankaKenyaIndia

Mayfair English Breakfast

Mayfair English Breakfast Tea is certainly a high class tea to be savoured and enjoyed. Picture those mornings when there’s just enough time to pause before the busy day ahead and a peaceful calm surrounds – well that’s the ambience each sip of Mayfair English Breakfast Tea will provide. A careful blend of Assam and Kenyan black teas are mixed with a sprinkle of calming Safflower petals to produce a wonderful, full bodied tasting tea with a slight mellow astringency.

Luxury Black TeaNaturally Dried Safflower PetalsAssamIndiaKenya

Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan is a tea steeped in history! Following the Silk road traditions, we’ve combined an Assam a Lapsang Souchong (to give that smokey hint of the camp fires) and a light, bright Ceylon tea. We think this tea is worthy to be carried by any camel, but hopefully we’ll get yours to you a little faster!

AssamFujianDimbulaIndiaChinaSri Lanka

China Black

Lapsang Souchong Butterfly

A wonderful smooth and crisp tasting tea that produces an amazing aroma of smokey pine fires. An acquired taste for some, depending on your palate, but if you like Lapsang Souchong, we feel sure you’ll enjoy this special tea from Fujian.

Luxury Black TeaFujian ProvinceChina

Young Pu-Erh

Young Pu-erh is broken up from tea cakes which contain tea leaves that have been picked, rolled, withered in the hot sun and then steamed and pressed. It is of course, the steaming process that generates the moisture that is responsible for the musty and earthy characteristics of Pu-Erh Tea. This tea is classed as a young pu-erh as is only 1 year old, however it has the wonderful earthy, musty flavour associated with many older pu- erh black teas.

Luxury Pu-Erh TeaYunnan ProvinceChina


Decaff English Breakfast

Using a Flowery Pekoe tea from the Dimbula region in Sri Lanka this decaffeinated English Breakfast is full of body. A high quality Ceylon tea is used as it retains its flavour better than others whilst undergoing the natural CO2 decaffeination process. With a balanced astringency and lovely floral notes, it truly makes a wonderful breakfast tea.

Luxury Black TeaDimubla RegionSri Lanka

Decaff Sencha Green

A very refreshing green tea with a sencha leaf style. Decaffeinated using the Co2 process so you won’t find any chemical solvents in this cup, only great tasting green tea without the caffeine.

Luxury Decaffeinated Green TeaHunanChina

Estate Black

Borengajuli Assam FBOP

Borengajuli Estate produces the most fabulous teas. This 2nd Flush Assam is no exception and comes to you as fresh as the day it was plucked! Vacuumed packed on the estate the moment the tea leaves come out the sorter, the deep malted Assam flavour is captured and the flavour retained to taste just as it should.

Luxury Black TeaAssamMangaldaiIndia

Lovers Leap -OP

A truly delightful, medium bodied, flavoursome tea from one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka. Grown at high altitude amongst steep hills you can be sure of tasting a wonderful piquant cup with real Ceylon character.

Luxury Black TeaSri Lanka

Bukhial Assam TGFOP

Grown on the south side of the Brahmaputra River near the remote region of Nagaland, Bukhial TGFOP Assam is a premium tea with a traditional leaf style. As rainfall is lower in this area, the bushes grow more slowly yielding outstanding crops that have all the flavour and strength you would expect from a top Assam tea estate.

Luxury Black TeaAssamGolaghatIndia

Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling – TGFOP 2nd flush

A distinctive ‘muscatel’ flavour, with hints of blackcurrants create an almost wine like taste. Often compared to the taste and fragrance of Muscat grape, Margaret’s Hope makes a wonderful afternoon tea – great with scones and raspberry preserve!

Luxury Black TeaDarjeelingIndia

Tukdah Darjeeling – TGFOP 1st flush

Tukdah tea estate employs over 800 people who are all well cared for with free housing, schooling, hospital care and places of worship. Situated high in the hills, the estate produces over 200 metric tons of finished tea each year to a very high standard.Darjeeling TGFOP is very bright and full of flavour that bursts with characteristic muscatel flavour and a hint of nuttiness.

Luxury Black TeaDarjeelingIndia

Flavoured Black

Apricot & Peach

Archaeologists in China found evidence of peaches and apricots being consumed together some 4000 years ago! These fruits have such delicate, yet intense flavour profiles they work really well when combined. The natural acidity and astringent qualities of both Ceylon tea, peaches and apricot are matched so well they make a perfect blend which results in a very satisfying cup of tea.

Luxury Black TeaNatural Dried PapayaFreeze Dried Peach and ApricotBlackberry LeavesSunflower PetalsCalendula PetalsSri Lanka

Lemon Ginger

Lemon Ginger Ceylon Tea has to be one of the most delightful experiences your taste buds can enjoy. The pairing of lemon and ginger flavours is of course no surprise, but here we take that synergy just a little further by adding premium, high quality tea from the top growing regions in Sri Lanka. The lemon tanginess and the warm ginger flavours combine but are carefully balanced so you still taste the quality Ceylon tea. Perfect, any time of day.

Luxury Black TeaNatural Dried PineappleLemongrassGinger PiecesNatural FlavoursCalendula PetalsSunflower PetalsNuwara EliyaDimbula or Uva DistrictSri Lanka

Earl Grey

You might just find yourself saying ” This is the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted” . Not a bold claim, simply what people say, repeatedly. Using only natural flavours and oils there’s no aftertaste or overpowering perfume so the high quality, natural taste of the Ceylon tea we use can be enjoyed too.

Luxury Black TeaCornflower PetalsNatural FlavoursSri Lanka

Apple and Cinnamon

Apple and Cinnamon flavoured black tea makes the most warming, home kitchen feeling from a cup of tea ever! Imagine the warmth of the oven with a delicious homemade apple pie baking away and you’ve got the idea of the delight this tea will bring. High quality tea from Sri Lanka does not have its flavour masked, but is enhanced with the fruit pieces and natural flavours used in this tea blend.

Premium Black TeaNaturally Dried AppleCinnamon PiecesFreeze Dried AppleBlackberry LeavesSafflower PetalsNatural FlavoursNuwara EliyaDimbula or Uva DistrictSri Lanka

Russian Earl Grey

Russian Earl Grey is based on historic traditions of adding sweet blends of spices and citrus fruits to black tea. Our version of Russian Earl Grey echoes this tradition by adding naturally dried Thai Lemongrass and sun ripened, dried orange peel from Spain to create a wonderful smooth, sweet and refreshing tea.

Luxury Black TeaNaturally Dried Orange PeelCornflower PetalsLemongrassFlavoursSri LankaThailandSpain

Winter Mulled Spice

Let the festivities commence! Cinnamon and cloves blend beautifully with this high grown Ceylon tea to provide a truly warming cup bursting with mulled spices and natural fruity notes. For something a little different, combine with warm red wine or apple cider for a traditional mulled experience.

Black TeaCinnamonClovesJasmine PetalsNatural FlavoursSri LankaVietnam

Flavoured Green

Lichee Jasmine Chunmee

A delightful blend of Lichee fruit, Jasmine and high quality green tea make this a delightful drink. Pan fired Chunmee style leaves come to life with the addition of tangy notes from the Lychee and exotic tones of Jasmine. A very popular tea and one that’s great to enjoy with friends.

Luxury Green TeaJasmine BlossomDried LycheeHunanChina


A speciality Japanese green tea that’s blended with fire toasted rice. High grade Japan sencha leaves provide the fresh vegetative character of green tea whilst the toasted rice brings a slightly nutty-like flavour and natural sweetness. A unique and delicious tasting tea.

Luxury Green TeaRoasted RiceShizuoka PerfectureJapan

Flavoured White

Chantilly Cream Chaicha

Chantilly Cream Chaicha is a flavoured white tea using Pai Mu Tan leaves from the varietal tea bush known as Narcissus, also known as Chaicha. Only the top 2 leaves and a bud are handpicked and then carefully left to simply wither and dry naturally in the sun. Once this process is complete, the Pia Mu Tan leaves are blended with an array of floral petals and naturally flavoured with Pomegranate and Vanilla creating a wonderful visual display and creamy, dessert flavour.

Luxury White TeaRosehip PiecesHibiscus PetalsSunflower PetalsCornflower PetalsOsmanthusRose PetalsSafflower PetalsCalendula PetalsFujian ProvinceChina

Flowering Tea

Jinjicun Mountain Flowering

A wonderful love story surrounds this tea where a thought of forbidden love is captured at the heart of the flower. A refreshing peppermint flavour with floral touches and delicate grassy flavours abound in every sip. Watch the leaves unfurl and enjoy the display before pouring a delightful cup of tea.

Luxury Green TeaAmaranth & Marigold BlossomsMint LeavesYunnan ProvinceChina

Lotus Peak Flower Burst

Lotus Peak Flower Burst uses blooms of Amaranth, Hibiscus and Lavender all hand tied with a truly superb wiry leafed green tea grown in one of Yunnan’s finest tea gardens. As the blossoms burst open, the resultant tea is clean and delicate with wonderful floral notes and hints of lemon.

Luxury Green TeaAmaranthHibiscus BlossomsLavender BlossomsYunnan ProvinceChina

Tiger Leaping Flower Burst

Flowers bursting forth with splendid colour in springtime are reflected in this exquisite artisan tea. Handmade and hand tied with skill and care, Tiger Leaping Flower Burst provides an exceptional display as each bloom gracefully unfolds. An exquisite flowering green tea with a depth of taste that’s layered with hints of peach, jasmine and lily.Delightful to enjoy yourself or makes a perfect gift.

Luxury Green TeaLilyJasmine BlossomOsmanthus BlossomsYunnan ProvinceChina

Lily’s Love

Lily’s Love artisan flowering tea is a beautiful blend of Amaranth, Lavender and fragrant Jasmine Blossoms, from the Yunnan Province in China. Hand tied with premium green leaf tea the dramatic visual display is stunning and complimented by the floral aroma of Jasmine and Lavender and the amazing honey like sweetness and fresh green tea taste.

Luxury Green TeaJasmineAmaranth BlossomsLavender BlossomsYunnan ProvinceChina

Summer Blossom

Summer Blossom hand tied flowering tea will remind you of a warm Summer’s day in the garden. When infused, with a display second to none, this artisan hand tied tea of Marigold and Amaranth Blossoms, bursts forth with exquisite floral notes and fresh, light, green tea taste. There are approximately 15 Flower Pods per 100g.

Luxury Green TeaJasmine BlossomMarigold BlossomsFujian ProvinceChina

Mountain Dream

Mountain Dream flowering tea from the Anhui Province in China, is a tea lovingly prepared according to ancient artisan techniques. Amaranth and Jasmine Blossoms and carefully hand tied as they have been for hundreds of years resulting in a very refreshing light green tea with a delicate hint of peaches. There are approximately 15 Flower Pods in 100g.

Luxury Green TeaAmaranth BlossomsJasmine BlossomAnhui ProvinceChina

Fruit - Children

Teddy Bear’s Choice Children’s Fruit Tea

Now, any self respecting Teddy Bear knows that when a fruit tea that’s packed with Vitamin C and tastes like creamy caramel is on offer, it’s definitely ‘Time for Tea’ .Whether you’re a teddy heading for a picnic, playing at dressing up, or simply giving out cuddles there’s nothing more refreshing than the fruity aroma and natural sweetness of berries to bring delight and depth of flavour to a teddy bear’s tea cup!

Luxury Natural Dried Apple PiecesHibiscusRosehipOrange PeelElderberriesBlackcurrantsRose PetalsCalendula PetalsCornflower PetalsRed ThistleNatural FlavoursCanadaUSAThailandSpain

Fairy Princess Fruit

As every Fairy Princess knows, drinking fruit and herb tea that’s packed with Vitamin C is really good for the wings! Caffeine free and bursting with flavours such as strawberry and lemon, Fairy Princess Fruit Tea is refreshing and every bit as thirst quenching – especially appreciated after performing one’s Fairy Princess duties!

Luxury Natural Dried Apple PiecesHibiscusRosehipPineapple PiecesPapaya PiecesBrambleberriesStrawberry PiecesBlackberriesRaspberriesNatural FlavoursCanadaUSAThailandSpain

Fruit & Herbs

Exotic Strawberry & Kiwi

A wonderful bold and full bodied blend of fruits and herbs are combined in Exotic Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea. Totally refreshing and certainly thirst quenching without being too oversweet. Packed with Vitamin C this wonderful fruit tea tastes great hot or iced.

Luxury AppleRosehipKiwi PiecesStrawberry PiecesHibiscus PetalsNatural FlavoursCanadaUSAThailandSpain

Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango Fruit Tea has such a great mango flavour without being overly sweet so, with each cup, you feel refreshed and your thirst is quenched. Packed with Vitamin C and caffeine free, this fruit and herbal tea is great enjoyed hot or iced.

Luxury Natural Dried Apple PiecesHibiscusRosehipNatural FlavoursCanadaUSAThailandSpain

Malibu Dream

A truly, dreamy fruit tea with an exceptional tropical taste highlighted by the addition of coconut. Malibu Dream certainly lives up to its name and we would not think it strange if after one sip, you might just find yourself singing the ‘Pina Colada’ song…….we did and we got caught in the rain too!! A great tea served hot, but also an exceptional tea to serve iced.

Apple PiecesRosehip PiecesPineapple PiecesCoconut PiecesHibiscus PetalsNatural FlavoursCanadaUSAThailandSpain


Jasmine Blossom

Classed by the Chinese as Jasmine Number 1, a grade just below the exotic jasmines, this green tea has all the flavour, aroma and great qualities but not the high price. The secret is high quality green tea and fine jasmine blossoms which only bloom in May when they produce the most intense aroma.

Luxury Green TeaJasmine PetalsFujian ProvinceChina

Japan Sencha

Enjoy the smooth, rich flavour of this premium Sencha produced in traditional Japanese style. Commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, sencha leaves have a distinctive glossy look and feel that provide a rich and full flavour.

Premium Green TeaChina

Ceylon Gunpowder

Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea is of exceptionally good quality. From one of the top estates in Sri Lanka, the tightness of the pellets produces excellent flavour released when making tea. Limited quantities are produced as to tightly roll the leaves in this way takes a lot of time and skill. As a high grown tea, the flavour and full bodied achieved with this tea is superb.

Luxury Green TeaDimubla RegionSri Lanka

Pomegranate & Green

Pomegranate and Hibiscus Gunpowder Green Tea offers a really interesting cup. The combination of the gunpowder leaf and naturally dried hibiscus and rosehip produces a slightly tart, yet sweet berry astringency complimented by the hint of grassy notes. When all considered, Pomegranate and Hibiscus Gunpowder Green Tea is a smooth, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed anytime of day.

Luxury Green TeaNatural Dried HibiscusRosehip PiecesNatural FlavoursUvaSri Lanka

Misantla Vanilla

Misantla Vanilla Gunpowder Green Tea uses premium leaves from the Uva region in Sri Lanka. Taking its name from the area in Mexico where Vanilla was first commercially produced, the natural vanilla flavour enhances the bright, refreshing green tea and provides a great cup of tea to be enjoyed anytime of day.

Luxury Green TeaCalendula PetalsSunflower PetalsNatural FlavoursSri Lanka


Camomile & Mint

The essential oils from our Egyptian camomile flowers produce a smoothing, pleasant aroma highlighted by a fruity character. Add the best peppermint leaves to bring out wonderful mint highlights and you have a wonderful caffeine free herbal tea. Refreshing and soothing ideal for anytime of day.

Luxury Egyptian CamomileLuxury Washington PeppermintEgyptUSA

Dried Ginger Root Pieces

From one of the world’s finest ginger farms, grown in Sing Buri, Thailand, these dried ginger pieces make an excellent addition to customised tea and herbal blends. Ginger root has been used throughout the years as an additive to all kinds of foods. You can make a simple tea using just the ginger pieces, simply add boiling water, lemon and honey to experience a real burst of flavour we’ll sure you’ll enjoy.

Luxury Ginger RootSing BuriThailand


Organic Honeybush is a caffeine free herbal tea that is as healthy as it is tasty. High in antioxidants, Honeybush is wonderfully sweet with a honey like flavour and whilst slightly astringent, has a unique flavour often compared to apricot jam.

Luxury Organic HoneybushCederbergSouth Africa


Harvested in the Nile region, these Hibiscus flowers are resistant to drought and relatively easy to grow. Great as a blending component in herbal teas or brewed on its own as a tea, we are confident this hibiscus is one of the finest available in the world. Alone, hibiscus has a sweet, honey- like, fresh taste. Combined with other herbs or teas, hibiscus lends a floral character and slight astringency.

Luxury Organic HibiscusNile River DeltaEgypt

Egyptian Camomile

From the perfect growing conditions of sandy loam and nutrients of the Nile we bring you the highest quality Egyptian Camomile Flowers. Renowned for its many health benefits, Camomile makes a great tea on its own but lends itself well to blends such as honey, lime and lemon to name but a few.

Luxury Egyptian Camomile FlowersNile River DeltaEgypt

Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry Leaf Tea has been used over the centuries for various medicinal reasons, some of which have more recently been validated by science. Raspberry leaf contains high quantities of Vitamins A, B complex, C and E as well as many essential minerals and high levels of tannin. Our raspberry leaves are harvested during the summer before the berries open and when flavinoid content is high. Processed in a similar way to regular tea, raspberry leaf tea is a great caffeine free alternative.

Luxury Raspberry LeavesLublinPoland


Outstanding peppermint leaves from the best cut of the season that produce a cool and pungent cup of tea bursting with minty flavour. Peppermint tea is a really refreshing drink, totally caffeine free that tastes just as good hot or cold, especially after meals.

Premium PeppermintUSAWashington State

Rose Hip

Just one ounce of concentrated Rosehip contains approximately the equivalent amount of Vitamin C you’d find in a dozen oranges! In addition, Rosehip contains many other vitamins and minerals. Commonly used as a base for herb and fruit infusions, Rosehips blend well producing a lively cup when mixed with hibiscus petals and dried fruits.

Luxury Natural Dried Rose HipBlack Forest RegionGermany

Tuscany Rosebuds& Petals

Tuscany Rose is a mixture of rose buds and petals from one of the best growing regions in the world. Rosebuds and petals are often used as a wonderful enhancement to change a tea blend into something unique and special to you. Why not add some Tuscany Rosebuds & Petals today to your favourite brew? Experiment with flavours and become your very own tea master!

Dried Rosebuds and PetalsTuscanyItaly


Izu Matcha

Japanese Matcha green tea has been ceremoniously used over the centuries to celebrate the belief held by the Japanese that tea is a gift from the heavens and has spiritual and restorative properties. Known as Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony is still honoured today and modern analysis of Matcha confirms how special a green tea this is. For example, just two cups of brewed Matcha green tea has nearly 20g of calcium, and 7 times more antioxidants of the same amount of orange juice. Matcha green tea isn’t just kept today for tea ceremonies. As the health benefits associated with green tea grows, Matcha is now found in health food shakes, ice cream, Matcha lattes, bread, and many other foods.

100% Green TeaIzu Region of Japan


High Mountain Alishan

High Mountain Alishan is grown around 1000m above sea level and has a unique flavour described by the growers as floral with a creamy delicacy that spreads across the tongue, leaving a pleasant smooth taste on the palate.The infusion of the leaves is almost magical as they unfurl from their curled ‘cocoon’ like shapes to produce a most delightfullight golden liquor. As with most oolongs, the leaves can be infused multiple times.

Luxury Oolong TeaTaiwan

Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy

There are several grades of Ti Kuan Yin – also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy. Whilst this grade is one below the superior grade it has many favourable characteristics of the top supreme grades of Ti Kuan Yin. This oolong tea is often described as having a slight bitterness, we do not find this with this particular grade. The taste is sweet with a fragrant finish.

Luxury Oolong TeaFujian ProvinceChina


Clanwilliam Rooibos

Clanwilliam Rooibos is a tasty, aromatic, herbal tea that’s completely caffeine free and is named after the area in South Africa where it is believed the original commercial cultivation of Rooibos took place. Fine needle like green leaves from the Aspalathus Linearis plant are harvested and fermented; a process that sees the leaves change from green to deep red. The resultant Rooibos leaves produce a very characteristic flavour and sweet aroma. Delicious with or without milk and sugar.

Luxury RooibosCederbergSouth Africa


China Pai Mu Tan

Perfect naturally withered white tea depends on conditions that are neither too hot nor too cold. The top two leaves and bud should show a very light green, almost grey white colour and be covered in a velvet peach fuzz down. You’ll see from examining this Pai Mu Tan, the tea maker did a first class job! A refreshing tea with a fresh aroma that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Luxury White TeaFujian ProvinceChina
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